Nexium Coupon – Get A Discount At Your Local Pharmacy

Anyone who has had a condition that requires regular medication knows how high the cost of drugs is. For people who have a prescription for a number of drugs, the cost is usually a substantial part of their budget. It is a big relief when a patient receives a coupon from the drug manufacturer. Using the coupons, the patients are able to make a substantial saving over a period of time. One such caring company is the manufacturer of Nexium, AstraZeneca which has provided coupons for the drug.

With the generic name Esomeprazole, the drug trading under the brand name Nexium is used to treat a number of conditions. These conditions include heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and excessive stomach acid otherwise known as the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome. Nexium works by getting rid of excess acid found in the stomach. Under normal circumstances the stomach requires acid to break down food, however a problem occurs when there is an excess production of acid. The drug is also used to treat the damage of the esophagus lining caused by excess acid. In addition, the drug is used for the treatment of gastric ulcers as well. Customers are directed to use the drug only under the direction of a doctor. Patients are usually directed to take the drug at least one hour before meals.

The Nexium Coupon Process

The process of finding a nexium coupon is easy as it is available on many coupon sites allowing user to save as much as 75% on the purchase price. The coupons which are made available on many sources are widely accepted in most leading drug stores and pharmacies all over the country. The process of getting it is simple as users are required to find the coupon online and print it out. They are usually pre-activated so the patients can use them right away. For user convenience there is a mobile version of the coupons. Users are required to sign up by giving their address, email and then type in a verification code. The discount code is then sent to the user’s mobile phone to allow them discounts on their next purchase. The use of the coupon alongside an insurance card attracts additional discounts. In some cases customers can make a saving of at least $50 per month. This is a major discount which translates to about $600 per year, a substantial saving by any standards.

Why Companies Offer Coupons

Many people may wonder why drug companies offer coupons, the following are some of the reasons:esomeprazole

  • Coupons build loyalty. Drug companies understand that when they offer generous discounts, the customers will show their appreciation over time by remaining loyal to the company.
  • Drug companies gather information on their customers. Information is very powerful. When a drug company is able to gather customer information as they apply for the coupon, they are able to find ways to build loyalty by putting the names on their database and mailing list. The drug companies are then able to target and update their customers on any new developments.
  • Giving out drug coupons is cheaper than giving out free drug samples. When companies give out free drug samples in many cases the drugs do not reach the intended recipients. Medication coupons are more targeted since it is the actual customers who need the drugs who make the application. Drug companies only pay when the coupon is used minimizing wastage.
  • A good number of people who take up the coupons do not get to actually use them. The customers will appreciate the gesture while not actually making use of it.
  • Drug companies also use coupons to create demand. Customers are usually tempted to try out drugs that have a good discount offer.

Before a customer uses nexium coupons, they need to know that the drug has some side effects that include nausea, headaches, gas, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth and stomach pain. It is important for a patient to inform their doctor of any side effects at the earliest opportunity. The doctor can them make a decision whether to continue or discontinue the medication. However any patient suffering from chest pain or severe stomach ache should see a doctor immediately. The above side effects are however rare. Considering the many benefits of the drug including the nexium coupon makes the drug a good choice to take care of a patient’s health as well as their pocket.